Getting to Know Our Galactic Neighbor

Young stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

The Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) is our closest galactic neighbor. It lies approximately 199,000 light years away from Earth, which may seem far from our perspective. However, on a galactic scale, it’s comparable to the distance between atoms. Although classified as a dwarf galaxy, the close proximity of the SMC …

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Los extraterrestres no son solamente “pequeños hombrecitos verdes”

Image Credit: Terence Dickinson

Si alguna vez descubren la vida en otros lugares del universo además de la Tierra, que va a cambiar la manera en que pensamos acerca de nuestra importancia en el esquema de las cosas. Intentar hacer pasar este momento histórico, los científicos están estudiando formas de vida específicas sobre la …

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Extraterrestrials are more than “little green men”


If we ever discover life elsewhere in the universe besides on earth, it will change the way we think about our significance in the scheme of things. To try and make this historic moment happen, scientists are studying specific life forms on earth that could potentially survive on other, earth-like …

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