Icebergs on Pluto’s Sea of Frozen Nitrogen

Julia Mariani

  Data from NASA’s New Horizons mission continues to answer mysteries surrounding Pluto.  Since the spacecraft’s flyby last summer, scientists are analyzing large amounts of data being sent back to earth. Scientists suspect mountainous icebergs of water float across an area within Pluto’s heart-shaped region known as Sputnik Planum.  According […]

Stunning Blue Haze Discovered Surrounding Pluto

Julia Mariani

The New Horizons mission reveals a stunning blue haze encompassing Pluto.  The particles-known as tholins- responsible for the interesting coloration are formed from various sunlight-initiated chemical reactions of methane and nitrogen. This coloration on Pluto tells us much about the particle composition of the planet’s upper atmosphere.  Like on Earth, […]

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