New Clue in the Mystery of the Green Blob and the Disappearing Quasar

Galaxy IC 2497 above Hanny's Voorwerp.  Image credit and copyright- X-ray: NASA/CXC/ETH Zurich/L.Sartori et al, Optical: NASA/STScI

Hanny’s Voorwerp- Dutch for “Hanny’s Object” and more casually known as the “Green Blob”- is an intergalactic gas cloud located approximately 680 million light-years from Earth. Adjacent to Hanny’s Voorwerp is IC 2497, a galaxy approximately 200,000 light-years from Earth and similar in size to our own galaxy, the Milky …

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Curiosity’s Unique Snapshots of Mars

Credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS/Ken Kremer/ Di Lorenzo

On December 19th, NASA’s Curiosity Rover photographed what might be one of the most incredible visuals of the Martian landscape.  The color photograph features a portion of the Namib Dune and a self-portrait of the rover. Using the Mastcam 34 mm camera, Curiosity takes extremely high resolution color photos of …

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Mountains of Ceres


New images of dwarf planet Ceres, captured by NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft, reveal a shimmering mountain and other interesting geological features. Located in the southern hemisphere and measuring 4 miles tall, the mountain is cone shaped with no visible debris at the base. The cause of the shimmering on its edge …

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A Galactic Exclamation Mark

Image Credit: X-ray NASA/CXC/IfA/D.Sanders et al; Optical NASA/STScI/NRAO/A.Evans et al

VV 340 represents a cosmic collision of immense proportions. The topmost galaxy, VV 340 North, and the front-facing galaxy, VV 340 South, are together known as the “Cosmic Explanation Point”. The title complements their destiny. In millions of years, the two spiral galaxies will collide and eventually merge into one …

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