Extraterrestrials are more than “little green men”


If we ever discover life elsewhere in the universe besides on earth, it will change the way we think about our significance in the scheme of things. To try and make this historic moment happen, scientists are studying specific life forms on earth that could potentially survive on other, earth-like …

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Oxygen May Not Always Lead to Life


The search for alien worlds has expanded into its own branch of astronomical research.  The prospect of finding “Earth Proxima” or Earth 2.0 not only excites the imagination, but also represents a tangible possibility in what could be the near future.  According the NASA’s Exoplanet Archive, as of August 18th, …

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New Exoplanet-Hunting Telescope in Chile Will Boost Research in this Alien Subject


  A new telescope known as the Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) recently opened for exoplanet-hunting business in Chile! The NGTS is made up of 12 robotically operated telescopes which are used to study the transits and atmospheres of small exoplanets two to eight times the size of our beloved …

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Water Detected On Three Exoplanets


The Hubble Space Telescope studied the chemical make-up of three exoplanets classified as “hot Jupiters”, collecting data specifically relating to the amount of water present on the planets.  The results of the research on exoplanets HD 189733b, HD 209458b, and WASP-12b, which are 60 to 900 light years away from earth, …

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