Skywatching: The Iconic Summer Triangle

Image credit and copyright: Alan Dyer

Look directly overhead at 10:30 pm EDT and you will see Vega- the brightest star in the constellation Lyra and the fifth brightest in the night sky. Using Vega as a reference point, Altair is located to the lower left (southeast) and Deneb to the left (east). Together, these three …

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Your Guide to the 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower


Considered by many as the best annual sky watcher’s event, this August the Perseid meteor shower dazzles dark skies.  Even though the shower reaches its peak the 11th through the 13th, often the best time to view, do not neglect the nights leading up to shower’s climax. Often they can …

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Upcoming Summer Solstice


Summer is one of the most popular seasons, and for great reason.  Students have a vacation away from their studies, snow and cold weather stay a distant memory, and we can reemerge to the outdoors without having to wear layers of clothing.  Although the warmer weather starts early for many, …

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How to See Upcoming Meteor Showers: Summer 2016 Edition

With warmer weather and longer days comes equally awaited summer nights.  Arguably one of the most beautiful spectacles in astronomy, annual meteor showers- when the earth passes through the dust or debris of comets or asteroids orbiting the sun- give great reason to take a few nights and escape to …

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