Venus Shines Bright in the Night Sky


Sunrise holds the glimmering gem of the planet Venus this year from September to October. As the official beginning of autumn approaches, the magnitude brightness of the planet will only increase along with the sun rising later in the morning.

Its intense brightness has caused some confusion among many spectators of the dawn sky. Many mistake the brilliant planet for a UFO or some other phenomena. This is false.

Jupiter and Venus draw closer in the night sky as the second conjunction occurs between the two planets for 2015. The luminosity will instill wonder and awe into sky-watchers as Venus passes into the lower right region of Jupiter, measuring approximately ten times brighter than the massive planet.

The phases of Venus:  Source:

With the aid of binoculars or a telescope, a crescent can be viewed across the surface of Venus.   By November, it will appear similar to a half moon. The planet will continue reflecting stages comparable to those we see on the moon and conclude December in the form of a gibbous disk.

The combination between Venus and Jupiter shining front stage in the night sky makes this autumn exceptionally wonderful for sky-watchers.


Published by Julia Mariani


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