The Roundest Identified Space Object

Julia Mariani

From years of observation, scientists confirm the distant star Kepler 11145123 as the roundest natural object studied in the observable universe.  Most toy solar system sets represent the planets as perfectly rounded, all orbiting an equally circular sun. Aside from the completely inaccurate sizing of the planets relative to the […]

Possible Earth Twin Discovered

Julia Mariani

Kepler-452b holds many similarities to Earth.  Not much information is known about the newly discovered exoplanet, however what we understand holds promising possibilities towards the search for an Earth-like world. The basic specs of Kepler-452b closely match those of Earth, found from a pool of the over 1,000 exoplanets discovered […]

New Earths

(Image Credit: NASA) Imagine waking up one day with the knowledge that an exoplanet similar to earth exists. An exoplanet is any planet found outside of our solar system. The Kepler Space Telescope has discovered many possible Earth-like exoplanets. In fact, two candidates are within one solar system (2 for […]

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