The Last Year of Cassini

After over 12 years studying Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft begins its intrepid finale: a yearlong two-part mission. Before we reach the end of Cassini’s voyage in September 2017, the spacecraft is scheduled to complete two missions: The F-ring orbits and the Grand Finale. The F Ring Orbits  Cassini will venture …

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NASA’s New Frontiers’ Race Just Received Two Major Nominees


Titan and Enceladus, two of Saturn’s potentially habitable moons, were added as possibilities to NASA’s next billion-dollar planetary exploration mission, the New Frontiers program. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, qualifies as one of the few Earth-like worlds in our solar system.  Titan’s surface pressure measures slightly greater than Earth, with a …

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NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Flies by Titan


Today, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is to fly just 2,274 miles above the surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan.  The goal of this encounter is to further grasp the elemental nature of the moon’s varying surface temperatures.  Cassini acts as a messenger of data in this project. The spacecraft will send down radio …

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