Possible Earth Twin Discovered

Julia Mariani

Kepler-452b holds many similarities to Earth.  Not much information is known about the newly discovered exoplanet, however what we understand holds promising possibilities towards the search for an Earth-like world. The basic specs of Kepler-452b closely match those of Earth, found from a pool of the over 1,000 exoplanets discovered […]

Exoplanet, Comet, or Both?

Julia Mariani

Comets and exoplanets capture the fascination of many astronomers.  Now, comet and exoplanet enthusiasts may converge as a new era of exoplanet discovery emerges. The speculation surrounding planet Gliese 436b may rest as astronomers confirm the existence of a comet tail trailing from the planet’s atmosphere.  Gliese 436b measures similar […]

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