Exoplanet, Comet, or Both?


Comets and exoplanets capture the fascination of many astronomers.  Now, comet and exoplanet enthusiasts may converge as a new era of exoplanet discovery emerges. The speculation surrounding planet Gliese 436b may rest as astronomers confirm the existence of a comet tail trailing from the planet’s atmosphere.  Gliese 436b measures similar …

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NASA’s Dawn Probe Enters The Orbit of Ceres


NASA’s Dawn Space Probe successfully entered the orbit of dwarf planet Ceres Friday, March 6th, at 7:39 am EST. The first-time mission to a dwarf planet reflects the continual endurance of space exploration and the pursuit to discover unexplored areas as close to earth as the asteroid belt. Information regarding …

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Earth’s Upcoming Close Encounter With New Asteroid


There is an asteroid set to approach Earth Sunday, September 8th.  However, no need to hide in a bomb shelter. This asteroid will NOT impact our precious home or damage satellites. The asteroid, named 2014 RC, was discovered just days ago on August 31st by the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona and …

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