Astronomy Meets Rock Music, and It Is EPIC.


Rock music met astronomy thanks to an upcoming band, Starset, and it is truly an epic odyssey of insightful lyrics, glorious guitar rifts, and synths.  The group’s lead singer, Dustin Bates, originally attended university for electrical engineering, and growing up always loved the sciences and the ideas of sci-fi. However, he choose the science of composing over engineering, but not totally abandoning the ladder. The band formed when the leader of the Starset Society approached Bates, proposing the creation of an album which would spread the message of change and knowledge.

The Starset Society is an organization that believes in releasing top-secret scientific discoveries to the public, mainly hidden knowledge of extra-terrestrial radio transmissions. Overall, the society’s goal is frankly vague. More information can be found on their websites: and: .

Starset’s debut album, Transmissions, poetically intertwines inspirational messages of change with themes of astronomy.  The music video for the hit song, My Demons, visually expresses the album’s goals on a thematic scale. Below is the link to the video via Youtube.

This graceful combination of the sciences and lyrical rock paves a new genre of music, reaching to a wide variety of audiences. In conclusion, here are the opening lyrics to the album presented in the song, First Light. Something to mentally chew on:

Cascading waves of change
The future we think to be inconsequential,
Can effect the future indefinitely
Once you had the power to effect monumental change,
Would you let fear consume?
Or would you overcome?

– Julia