One Direction’s New Music Video Collaboration with NASA

Newly released music video by One Direction shows the band members interacting with multiple intricate apparatuses as they prepare to blast off into space, or at least give that effect.

The video, filmed at the Johnson Space Center Houston, is a first for NASA.  It highlights many engineering marvels as the members practice certain techniques required of astronauts.  Liam Payne trains inside a detailed replica of the International Space Station, while Niall Horan takes a spin with a partial gravity simulator.  Harry Styles interacted with Robonaut, a model of the International Space Station’s human-like robot, and Louis Tomlinson gets behind the wheel of a Space Exploration Vehicle.  A model of the Orion Spacecraft also helped give a realistic effect to the band’s launch into space.

Although the song lyrics contain no astronomical references, the music video certainly draws much attention to NASA and helps bridge the gap between pop culture and science.


Published by Julia Mariani


(Source: ABC News, Youtube)