Upcoming Summer Solstice


Summer is one of the most popular seasons, and for great reason.  Students have a vacation away from their studies, snow and cold weather stay a distant memory, and we can reemerge to the outdoors without having to wear layers of clothing.  Although the warmer weather starts early for many, …

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NASA’s New Planetary Defense Office Is Open for Business


As technology advances, NASA is becoming aware of an increasing number of near-Earth objects (NEOs).  In an effort to coordinate defense against possible future collisions, NASA just established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO). The goal of this program is to identify as many NEOs as possible, determine if they …

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Evidence of Mysterious Planet Nine


Astronomy textbooks may have to be written again to include nine planets as Planet Nine emerges to be a near truth. Through mathematical modeling and computer simulations, researchers at Caltech believe a ninth planet orbits 20 times further away from the sun than Neptune, allowing for an orbital period of …

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Possible Earth Twin Discovered


Kepler-452b holds many similarities to Earth.  Not much information is known about the newly discovered exoplanet, however what we understand holds promising possibilities towards the search for an Earth-like world. The basic specs of Kepler-452b closely match those of Earth, found from a pool of the over 1,000 exoplanets discovered …

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