Surfing on Titan


It has been confirmed that scientists have, for the first time, located waves on Saturn’s moon, Titan, which are found in a sea known as the Punga Mare. Now, unfortunately, these aren’t waves of water, rather waves of hydrocarbons such as methane and ethane! It is so cold on Titan that instead of forming a gas like it does on earth, methane rains down from the atmosphere in liquid form.

Clearly this is not a moon habitable for life on earth, but there is a definite possibly of other kinds of life which can live in such an environment. Who knows, maybe Titan has fish that swim in liquid methane rather than water!

It’s always exciting to reveal new possibilities for the colonization of extra-terrestrial microscopic life in our own solar system!

Comment your thoughts below! Do you think there is a possibility for microscopic life on Titan?


(Image credit: NASA)