How Dangerous is Our Moon?

Julia Mariani

Nearly every night we see this fabulously bright object known as our moon. Besides adding light the dark night sky, the moon is also tidally locked with earth, meaning it influences the tides of the oceans. Seem’s like a pretty harmless object orbiting our planet, right? From a distance the […]

Surfing on Titan

Julia Mariani

It has been confirmed that scientists have, for the first time, located waves on Saturn’s moon, Titan, which are found in a sea known as the Punga Mare. Now, unfortunately, these aren’t waves of water, rather waves of hydrocarbons such as methane and ethane! It is so cold on Titan […]

Critical New Evidence of Big Bang

Julia Mariani

  (Picture of detached gravitational waves. CREDIT: BICEP2) Groundbreaking news has been released! And it truly lives up to the expectations of thousands of astronomers. Astrophysicists at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics confirmed “the first tremors of the Big Bang” through detections of gravitational waves rippling through space-time. Gravitational […]

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